November 14, 2023

New @ Toutpartout: JAN VERSTRAETEN

Jan verstraeten (c) Murielle Scherre

Glad to welcome Jan Verstraeten to our Toutpartout roster for the Benelux! Jan Verstraeten emerges as a multifaceted musical force, seamlessly blending the realms of visual artistry and songwriting. With an innate ability to ignite the imagination, and unconventional music videos that serve as a visual counterpart to his captivating, cinematic sound. As a visual artist, he brings a unique perspective to his musical creations. Get to know this multi-talented artist on his artist-page. Steven will be the promoter for Jan Verstraeten, get in touch if you want to set something up!

November 10, 2023

KEVIN MORBY is special guest for The National in London.

On Friday July 5th 2024, The National will play Crystal Palace Park in London. They have invited some special guests and one of them is our own Kevin Morby. The first official announced date for Kevin Morby in EU/UK for the upcoming year! Tickets for this show go on sale on Friday November 17th!

November 7, 2023

ECHO BEATTY released digital EP “Candor Candor”

Right in time for her upcoming tour, Echo Beatty released a new EP “Candor Candor”. The EP shares it name with the last single from her acclaimed album “Vision Glitch”. It’s an EP featuring soul-stirring alternative versions of ‘Vision Glitch’ album tracks, recorded while on a road trip and an outtake from the album’s recording sessions. “Candor Candor” is a digital release and is available on all platforms.
Check out the live dates for Echo Beatty on the artist page.

November 3, 2023

ERLAND COOPER releases a special EP

About to embark on his European tour, Erland Cooper releases Folded Landscapes (Piano Version), the companion piano album of his latest album. This companion version is a minimal and elegiac solo piano recording of the original 7 movements of his acclaimed chamber strings album earlier this year. Cooper mixed the accompanying piano pieces using the echo captured in the glacial caves of Slavbard, Norway. Scientists working on applied acoustics provided him with impulse responses, allowing him to apply the cave’s unique reverb and sustain to the piano recordings in his studio. The result is a subtle yet profound connection to the sense of place, with every reverb and sound design deriving from the essence of the cave. Additionally, one of the microphones used for recording the piano in Erland’s studio was cased deep inside a block of ice. As the ice thawed, Cooper became intrigued by how the ice “Heard” the music, creating a unique and experimental recording process that added another layer of depth to the recording.

The EP is out on all platforms. Erland Cooper is playing two concerts in Belgium next week, together with Illuminine. Info & tickets can be found on the artists page.

Some ‘behind the scene of the recording’ photos

November 3, 2023

B R I Q U E V I L L E ‘IIII’ out today!

The wait is over! B R I Q U E V I L L E have released their fourth full-length release, ‘IIII’, via Berlin’s Pelagic Records. Up till now the band have anonymised themselves, unifying the collective as one sound, a faceless force converting audiences around the world. With the new album ‘IIII’, B R I Q U E V I L L E are beginning to lift the veil. First time live with the new music will be at the release concert at Le Botanique, on Thursday November 9th. They bring POTHAMUS as special guests!
There are still some tickets left for this great double bill.

The full album can be listened to online trough different platforms.

November 1, 2023

Discover BRUTUS’ live session on Audiotree

During their US tour earlier this year, Brutus got invited to do a session on Audiotree, the music discovery platform based in Chicago. Audiotree records, films and releases live music from bands that get invited to their studio. Brutus recorded a “From Nothing” session, a 30 minutes session with interview and 4 live songs. The songs got released as an “Audiotree EP” and can be listened to on all streaming platforms.

Watch the full Brutus session here.

October 31, 2023


Great news! Shida Shihabi got invited to play a showcase at ESNS 2024 (Eurosonic Noorderslag). Founded in 1986, ESNS hosts an annual four-day showcase festival and music conference across venues in Groningen, the Netherlands. The festival uncovers the most enthralling emerging European (Eurosonic) and Dutch (Noorderslag) acts ranging from mainstream pop to progressive finds during the festival, and sets the stage for leading European festivals. A great opportunity for Shida!
Shida Shahabi will play the “Lutherse Kerk” on Wednesday 17th of January.

October 28, 2023

Discover JESS RIBEIRO’s new single ‘Summer Of Love’

The latest LABELMAN (Toutpartout’s recordlabel) signing Jess Ribeiro (AUS), just released her new single ‘Summer Of Love’. The single premiered on BBC 6 radio (wit DJ Deb Grant) on Wednesday and was released on Thursday. ‘Summer of Love’ is a beautiful warm, piano-led song wrapped in hopefulness and love that came out of a period of tangible vulnerability and mourning.

Director Nick Mckk made a beautiful video with it (watch here) and the single can be found on all mayor streaming services (link). Soon we are going to set up UK/EU live dates for Jess Ribeiro! Stay tuned!

October 27, 2023

New ENDLINGR album out now!

copyright - Anton Coene

Endlingr, the instrumental, psychedelic scape-rock trio from Ghent, releases their second album “Tra” (Consouling Sounds) today. The album consists of 3 tracks: Tra – Ent – Crest. Each their own universe, each their own unique mountain of sound to climb! “Tra” is a trifecta of sound design, evil spirit riffs an movie scene madness in which you lose yourself and forget about all that was or is to be. Streamable on all platforms!

Endlingr is available for bookings (contact

October 25, 2023

KATY KIRBY announces new album!

Press photo Katy Kirby - © Tonje Thilesen

Our newest Toutpartout family member Katy Kirby (USA), announced a new album for 2024. “Blue Raspberry” will be her second full album and will be released on ANTI-records on January 26th 2024.

On the album, Katy Kirby dives headlong into the artifice of intimacy: the glitter smeared across eyelid creases, the smiles switched on with an electric buzz, the synthetic rose scent all over someone who’s made herself smell nice just for you. An exegesis of Kirby’s first queer relationship, “Blue Raspberry” traces the crescendo and collapse of new love, savoring each gleaming shard of rock candy and broken glass along the way. More info on the album, click here.

‘Table’ is the second single out of “Blue Raspberry”.