Discover “Lovage”, the new TIMBER TIMBRE album

Credit photo_Victoria Backzynska

Six years after their last studio album, Taylor Kirk’s Canadian band Timber Timbre finally releases a new
record, Lovage – his most accomplished and engrossing album to date.

Lovage is an album marrying perverted piano ballads and spiritual jazz interludes on islands of exotica and psyche-prog with spectoresque girl-group cabaret. Recorded in 2022 in Quebec with Mike Dubue (Hilotrons), the album features Olivier Fairfield (Fet Nat, Andy Shauf) and members of the Voices of Praise gospel choir (Howe Gelb). Sonically, a return to form following the glossy Sincerely, Future Pollution, the album is out now on Timber Timbre’s own Hot Dreams Records and [Integral].

Timber Timbre is playing SONIC CITY Festival in Kortrijk on Sunday November 12th.