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Timber Timbre has the gift of hypnotizing us, lifting our imaginations to the heart of a Canadian bayou haunted by light and shadow. Relying on an accomplished artistic direction, Canadian singer Taylor Kirk has embodied a folk aesthetic unlike any other. Timber Timbre is a poetic band that excels in transcribing images. Gothic without being dark, each album sounds like the soundtrack to a new musical fresco that you find yourself listening to with contemplation.

Timber Timbre will present for the first time his highly anticipated new album “Lovage” (due in 2023) and the new Timber Timbre trio with Mike Dubue (piano, synthesizer, vocals), Adam Bradley Schreiber (drums, percussion) and Taylor Kirk (guitars, vocals).




Sincerly, Future Pollution
City Slang(2017)
Hot Dreams
Arts & Crafts(2014)
Creep On Creepin' On
Arts & Crafts(2011)
Timber Timbre
Arts & Crafts(2009)