ILLUMININE releases his new album #4

Another fine release in the Toutpartout roster! With his new album ‘#4’, Illuminine takes matters completely into his own hands: he wrote, produced and mixed the record on his own. Only for the vocals he asked some friends (Vincent Coomans, Marble Sounds, Hannah Corinne and Shellter) for some help. The result is a beautiful record, that wants to take the listener out of the daily chaos, into a place where they can find a warm and secure feeling.

“This album is both the end and the beginning of a huge chapter in my life. For the last few years the “#4” universe has been my safe haven, my bright little light, in which I could always stay when I was having a hard time dealing with everyday life. It felt like my secret mental place where I could translate all my emotions and feelings into sounds. That is why I will always have a warm heart for this record and I am incredibly proud that it will be out in the world today. ” – Kevin Imbrechts (Illuminine) about #4

​We have two release shows planned for Illuminine in November, together with Erland Cooper.
Check out the dates on the Illuminine page.