ERLAND COOPER releases a special EP

About to embark on his European tour, Erland Cooper releases Folded Landscapes (Piano Version), the companion piano album of his latest album. This companion version is a minimal and elegiac solo piano recording of the original 7 movements of his acclaimed chamber strings album earlier this year. Cooper mixed the accompanying piano pieces using the echo captured in the glacial caves of Slavbard, Norway. Scientists working on applied acoustics provided him with impulse responses, allowing him to apply the cave’s unique reverb and sustain to the piano recordings in his studio. The result is a subtle yet profound connection to the sense of place, with every reverb and sound design deriving from the essence of the cave. Additionally, one of the microphones used for recording the piano in Erland’s studio was cased deep inside a block of ice. As the ice thawed, Cooper became intrigued by how the ice “Heard” the music, creating a unique and experimental recording process that added another layer of depth to the recording.

The EP is out on all platforms. Erland Cooper is playing two concerts in Belgium next week, together with Illuminine. Info & tickets can be found on the artists page.

Some ‘behind the scene of the recording’ photos