CHVE (new on our roster) releases ‘Kalvarie’

CHVE - ©Thomas Sweertvaegher

A new addition to our TOUTPARTOUT family. CHVE is the solo project of Amenra vocalist Colin H. Van Eeckout. CHVE has been around some time – Colin started writing his solo music 14 years ago – and has released some EP’s over the past years. Today marks the release of his new EP ‘Kalvarie’ (Relapse Records). For this new music, Colin was partly inspired by the works of Jean-Marie Massou, a French man who lived in isolation in a forest for 45 years. The EP contains one singular track: the near 15 minute ‘Eternit’. Dieter will be the agent for CHVE and we will announce some live performances soon! All information on the project to be found here.