BLONDE REDHEAD releases “Sit Down for Dinner”

It has been nearly a decade since Blonde Redhead, the NYC based band around Kazu Makino and Italian twin brothers Amedeo and Simone Pace, released their last album. Today they release Sit Down for Dinner, an 11 track album, probably their warmest and most welcoming music yet.

Releasing Sit Down for Dinner in its 30th year, Blonde Redhead’s perseverance partially came in realizing that the process of making the record should necessarily be fun. “Usually I agonize and it’s painful for me to write music, but on this one, I didn’t suffer as much,” says Makino. “I wanted to put my foot down and say: we can have a nice time together. The record sounds quite optimistic.”

Out on all platforms! If you want a copy on vinyl, you can order it at our Guided By Records shop.

The band is doing a tour later this fall. The Botanique (Brussels) is sold-out, but there are still tickets left for De Zwerver (Leffinge, BE) and Paradiso (Amsterdam, NL).
Check out the dates at the Blonde Redhead page.