Zun Zun Egui
uk | Label: Bella Union

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Zun Zun Egui formed in Bristol in late 2008 – Mauritian guitarist and singer Kushal Gaya met and started making music with Japanese keyboard player Yoshino Shigihara after they had both moved to the UK. A love for experimentation, free jazz, fusion, DIY culture, throwing parties and playing wild shows was the glue that bonded the outfit together. After an early clutch of raw and experimental EPs, they focused their song-writing gift and mastery of many styles to create a recognisable Zun Zun Egui sound which included (amongst many other things) tropicalia, punk funk, Afrobeat, Ethio jazz and no wave. All of these varied disciplines were marshalled to produce their debut “Katang” on Bella Union – an album that by rights should have been comparable to a madman’s breakfast but was in fact one of the most exciting debut LPs of 2011. Following the release they took on a new bass player Adam Newton and then about a year and a half ago they recruited a second guitarist Stephen Kerrison and started working on new material. Even for a band as exploratory and talented as ZZE though, the step up in terms of songwriting and inspiration since “Katang” is astounding and it is already clear that “Shackles’ Gift” is one of the most unique and thrilling records that will be released in 2015.



Shackles' Gift
Bella Union(2015)
Bella Union(2011)