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Zoot Woman release their latest full-length album on August 31st 2018. At the end of 2017, following a triumphant year and hot on the heels of ‘Absence’, Zoot Woman announced plans for the production of ‘Redesigned’.

The band’s sixth album features new versions of previously released songs, recorded in a completely different form. Fifteen tracks in total, three from each of the five albums released to date; ‘Living in A Magazine’, ‘Zoot Woman’, ‘Things Are What They Used to Be’, ‘Star Climbing’ & ‘Absence’. ‘Redesigned’ showcases Zoot Woman in an unexpected new light, the result being an extreme departure from their well known electronic sound. In the seventeen years since their game-changing debut, Zoot Woman have developed and reinvented their material, gaining fans the world over, proving themselves to be a diverse act both in the studio and on stage. Now they return with an album more culturally relevant than ever.

Described as ‘the mother of all Zoot Woman albums’, ‘Redesigned’ features exposed, organic recordings of many favourites, such as ‘Grey Day’, ‘Holiday Home’ and ‘Information First’, all of which demonstrate both musical and lyrical quality. With so few groups these days having the chance to build an extensiveback catalogue, it’s rare to see one with a discography that stands up in its barest form.

‘Redesigned’ is sure to delight the true Zoot Woman fan.



Star Climbing
Embassy One(2014)
Things are what they used to be
Zoot woman
Wall of sound(2003)
Living in a magazine
Wall of sound(2001)