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Have you heard everybody… is dying these days. ZINGER (New York slang for sudden shock, revelation or turn of events) is the name for Belgium’s freshest space pop act. Having won ‘De Nieuwe Lichting’ (2015), Belgium’s biggest band competition on national radio station Studio Brussels, ZINGER is one of the three Belgian bands entitled to ‘shape the sound of tomorrow’s music’. The Zinger sound blends choiry vocals, high-strung drums, misty synths and melancholic funeral brass. The lyrics explore the sweet time of grieving and tend to show that some questions should just not be asked. The band also became the subject of national news with their annual project REVEIL, which brings brass music and stories in several cemeteries across Belgium on November 1st.


On the 30th of April 2015, they released their debut EP ‘Everybody’s Dying These Days’ on a special location. All band members reconstructed an abonded warehouse to a sold-out concert hall. The record, produced by Filip Tanghe was recorded at the mysterious North Garden Studios, same place where fellow Belgians Balthazar recorded most of their new album ‘Thin Walls’. Guest appearences can be found in the likes of Floris De Decker (Team William) and Fien Deman (I Will I Swear).


“ZINGER grabs to melodic but melancholic spacepop with biggest influence Grandaddy.” – DeMorgen

“… the band has found their sound and will hold on to that until death…” – Indiestyle





Everybody's Dying These Days (EP)
Memorial Park records(2015)