Wooden Arms
uk | Label: Butterfly Collectors

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Formed by classically trained piano teacher Alex Carson (Piano / Vocals / Composition) in early 2012, the band began to take shape when Trinity College graduate Jessica Diggins (Violin / Vocals) joined him shortly thereafter. Cellist Fynn Titford-Mock was discovered busking in the streets of Norwich and in early 2013; both Jeff Smith (Guitar / Vocals / Cornet) and singer/songwriter Milly Hirst (Vocals) were welcomed into the fold after performing solo gigs in and around Norwich. The last addition is Drummer and multi-instrumentalist Alex Mackenzie who provides complex percussive rhythms as well as intelligent electronic samples.


The musical concept behind Wooden Arms is one of classical crossover. Music structures and instrumentation are influenced by the likes of Chopin and Mozart whilst the modern melodies and production values the very essence of Grizzly Bear and Andrew Bird. In this way, Wooden Arms overlook the norm and pay immaculate attention to texture of sound and rapturous harmonies. Wooden Arms orchestrate their music like a chamber group meets reverb drenched guitar and complex samples. Add to this mix their incredible choral harmonies and you’re left with a captivatingly symphonic sound that mixes classically trained composition with fresh, contemporary songwriting.



Butterfly Collectors(2014)