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Active Imagination, the follow-up to 2019’s ‘Paralanguage‘, is released via Wichita Recordings on May 6, 2022. It’s comprised of nine new pieces, and sits as a richly layered meditation on the idea of belonging, identity and the search for home in the most unstable of worlds.

Musically it bends subtly between folk and electronica, where little pulses of experimental flourishes sit next to Samson’s evocative vocals, and the record pulls many of its reference points from a number of the artists he’s shared a stage with over the years: from Bon Iver’s S. Carey, through to The Album LeafOlafur Arnalds and Do Make Say Think.

Dreamlike in the swirling, illusory nature of its unfolding, Active Imagination is a testament to Samson’s continued exploration – both of the world around him and his own inner workings that continue to provide great mysteries to interpret. Patient but cryptic, the album takes that voyage and creates a mesmerising landscape for listeners to explore, in the same way that Samson’s work always has.


Samson’s meditative mix of folk and electronica has an almost spiritual dimension. 7/10” – UNCUT

A stunning new full-length…delicate strands of electronica, ambient and folk” – Record Collector

…we are offered the chance to glimpse an intriguing artist expressing his search through music. 8/10” – Clash Magazine

I absolutely adore this – Mark Radcliffe, BBC 6music

Samson’s vocal’s provide the kind of smooth, shimmering palette that indie dreams are made of – Loud & Quiet



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