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Wardrobe is an Indie/Alternative Band from Belgium, Johan Verckist is its master brain. From his home base in Antwerp Verckist crafts his lo-fi, dreamy indie songs inspired by the sampling generally used in hip hop tracks. The debut album ‘Crawling’ (2017) was a downtempo and gloomy record, which caught the press’s attention. But after performing the album live, the sound changed completely. It become rougher, catchier, yes even more danceable. The band quickly dove back into the studio for their second album ‘Giving Up A Ghost’ (2019). Produced by Bart Vincent (Melanie De Biasio) and with the help of violin player Patricia Vanneste (Balthazar) the record resulted in a more layered, complex and catchier sound.
On the latest album ‘Jason’, Wardrobe explores its love for fuzzy distortions. The first single ‘Goldilocks’ was Catch of The Day on the national youth radio station Studio Brussel. One of THE tracks to listen to is ‘Vexed Question’ , where the band fuses fast paced lo-fi indie with dreamy pop textures.
‘Jason’ was released in full Corona lockdown. It received staggering reviews but due the pandemic it has never been played live in full until NOW!




Dox Records(2020)
Giving Up A Ghost
Dox Records(2019)
Fons Records(2017)

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