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With the release of Wand’s Ganglion Reef, Drag City imprint GOD? continues to highlight the expansive sounds of new music currently altering minds from east of west to west of east. Recently, Jack Name, David Novick and White Fence were called upon for long players to travel into the heart of the flaming orb of un-/non/(ultimate)-realities (they’re out there). And now, from GOD’s hand-lips to your head-hand, Wand! The fluctuating gravity of their sound achieves total Wand-hood by jamming senses, sounds and vibes through the circuits – and like magic: plays of light and dark (and heavy!) for today’s (and tomorrow’s) mind-ears. From beneath the glassine surface dost emerge: Ganglion Reef.


Los Angeles-based Wand is Cory Hanson (vocals, guitar, synth), Evan Burrows (drums), Daniel Martens (guitar), and Lee Landey (bass).



In The Red(2015)
Ganglion Reef
Drag City(2014)