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Vetiver’s songs have been described as “dreamy, gentle songs that George Harrison would have written in some sunny country garden.” Happily, that element is alive and well on songs such as “Rolling Sea” and “Everyday.”  Tight Knit also introduces new aspects of the band’s sound with the light bop of “Sister” and “On the Other Side,” as these songs glide along with a steady bounce and groove.  Tight Knit also contains the faraway and ethereal “Down from Above” and “At Forest Edge,” which conjure up images of misty mornings simultaneously filled with sunlight and fog.


Recorded in Sacramento at The Hangar and in LA at Melva, Tight Knit was produced by longtime Vetiver collaborator Thom Monahan and features Andy Cabic on lead vocals and guitars, guitarist Kevin Barker (aka Currituck Co.), Sanders Trippe on guitar and vocals, drummer Otto Hauser, and bassist Brent Dunn. Special guests include Eric Johnson (of Fruit Bats, The Shins, and an occasional touring member of Vetiver), Jonathan Wilson, “Farmer” Dave Scher, and Adam Peters.


Vetiver’s Andy Cabic grew up in northern Virginia and spent a few years in Greensboro, North Carolina, playing guitar, writing music and recording as a member of The Raymond Brake, which is where he first met future Vetiver members Trippe and Dunn.  After moving to San Francisco, Cabic helped form the rock band Tussle, and at the same time began recruiting other local musicians, friends and confederates, including Colm O’Ciosoig (My Bloody Valentine), Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star), Devendra Banhart, and Joanna Newsom, among others to record the 2004 debut Vetiver for the Dicristina Stair Builders label.


Vetiver has since gone on to release two more full-length albums, 2006’s To Find Me Gone (Dicristina Stair Builders) and in 2008 Thing of the Past (Gnomonsong Recordings), a collection of cover songs tapping Cabic’s deep catalog of inspirations and further illustrating Vetiver’s unique aesthetic. Throughout the band’s existence, Cabic has toured the world extensively both in his own right as leader of Vetiver as well as serving as guitarist and singer with his longtime friend Devendra Banhart’s various touring ensembles. And, in January 2009, in a personal and professional highlight, he will be producing Vashti Bunyan’s forthcoming new album.




Tight Knit
Bella Union(2009)
Thing of the Past
Fat Cat(2008)
To Find Me Gone
Fat Cat(2006)