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To describe Londen based Veronica Falls think of the gloomy melodrama of “Tell Laura I Love Her”, which kickstarted the “teenage tragedy song” craze in the 60’s, the bleak farewell of “Seasons In the Sun” in the 70’s, even The Smiths’ “Girlfriend in a Coma” in the 80’s – all meltingly beautiful melodies with something considerably darker lurking at its heart; the black cloud on a summer’s day; the bruise on a perfect face.

A series of live shows through Europe and the US have punctuated the recording of their debut album. The resultant record is one which nails the band’s quietly dissident colours firmly and vividly to the mast. With their debut album, Veronica Falls have crafted a brilliantly concise, superbly concentrated hit of spiky, marvellously contagious indie pop with a twist. “Right Side Of My Brain” is a snarling and vicious beast, all sharp hooks and barbed wire, while “The Fountain” is more gloriously morose yet achingly beautiful pop, with these duelling contrasts reaching its gorgeous epitome on the astonishing “Misery”. Their songs will lodge themselves in your head as well as your heart, with style and attitude to burn. They’re already starting work on a second album, which they say has them more excited than anything else right now.




Waiting For Something To Happen
Bella Union(2013)
Veronica Falls
Beachy Head
No Pain in Pop(2010)