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Use Knife is Stef Heeren and Kwinten Mordijck and was born out of the mutual love for analog and modular electronic machinery. Use Knife is the duo’s musical vehicle to explore and express hallucinatory freethinking visions to contemporary living. Their music is composed around propulsive electronic rhythms and ricocheting sequenced melodies, all kept in line by Angry Young Words.

Use Knife busts genres and blends postpunk, newer new beat, and experimental pop music into a genuine melting pot of unique electronic current.

Working together as part of outsider band Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat, the need for a clean slate arose when they broke on through to the other side.

Although thematically and lyrically related to Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat; And the crooning voice of Heeren being the most reminiscent, the music of Use Knife imposes a more modern electronic and disquieting sound.

FIRST SINGLE ‘For Helvede’ released 12.02.19,  new album autumn 2019.





For Helvede

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