Ty Segall
usa | Label: Drag City

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Congratulations! You’re the millionth customer in Ty
Segall’s exploding 2012 discography — and you’re in luck. If there be just one Ty record to encapsulate this brave ol’ year, Twins is that very one. In fact, Twins just might be the blast that ends it all — or the explosion that launches a brave new evolution?
How does time work anyway? Did you know that 2008 is as much
yesterday as today is? 2008, that’s when it began, when a sweaty young thing boiled up out of the mythical swamp of ooze n’ groove. Ty Segall was just getting started, his rock was ordering itself into existence. Now it’s four years later, a mereness in terms of expansion, and already, there’s singles everywhere, comps, a live album, and five smashing studio albums paving the way for this modern superhighway you’re gonna call Twins.
Ty’s a dog, he can’t walk backwards and go back and be the manimal who made those old records. Today, 2012, is where the energy is. Today, which is just one day, Ty Segall is a new man, a different kind of man from his knuck-draggin’ earlier incarnations. It’s like the monolith came to visit him one bright morning. And now he’s jetting toward Jupiter, brooding, looking around with x-ray eyes, yearning with a superhuman heart for a love to come and stay.
The songs of Twins are haunted by ghosts, shadowed by the other that we’ll never see, struggling to rise above. A fury of rock ensues: songs rigged to explode on a dime, fired from a cannon into the stratosphere. They fuse together into one multivarious projectile, a bullet from a gun marked yin and yang.
The ball has fallen from the sky and landed as Twins. It’s too hot to touch, but we can’t help ourselves. We’re gonna burn.



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