TV Buddhas
il | Label: Trost/Staatsakt

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Expatriate Israeli trio whose sound shares a basic pop-punk construction design with The Ramones, but whose internal dynamics scrabble towards SST three-man classicism a la Minutemen, Huskers, Dinosaur.” , WIRE Magazine.

The TV BUDDHAS, currently based in Germany, but originally from Tel Aviv, have been playing their own blend of alienation drenched garage-punk for the past five years, first as a duo and later as a trio. Their music is reminiscent of The Wipers and Dead Moon, with a heavier, Stoner guitar sound, and minimlistic drumming played on a stripped down kit. The band consists of husband and wife Juval Haring and Mickey Triest, and sibling Uri Triest.

Since leaving Israel in 2007 they have released numerous tour CDRs and cassettes, 2 LPs, an EP and a 7 inch record on both the Austrian label Trost, and the German label Staatsakt, all in the midst of  intensive touring, sometimes playing over 200 shows a year. TVB’s strong DIY ethic is their signature : Their records are all self produced one take analog recordings, their massive tours are all self booked and managed, they work only within a circle of friends and sustain themselves only from the work of the band. This has made them known as one of the most real and hard working underground acts in Europe.



Dying At The Party
Trost Records(2010)
Trost Records(2010)
Golden Period
Trost Records(2009)