Troy Von Balthazar
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With his new album, The Hawaiian born Troy Von Balthazar chooses to devote himself body and soul to music. The frontman for the cult band Chokebore once again creates a melodic atmosphere completely intense and always interesting.

After spending the last 6 years moving between European cities writing “…is with the demon” like an invigorating breath, this new material comes forth with great ease and natural power, beaming with matured infancy. It captures a wonderful look at the artist’s new palette, strokes of effortlessness in the vein of Sparklehorse and John Frusciante.

This Lunar character, charismatic and deeply moving once again delivers the quality. His music is powerful, and Troy Von Balthazar isn’t copying anyone. We feel it, and we fall into the music.

Troy Von Balthazar …is with the demon.