The Long Winters
usa | Label: Barsuk

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The Long Winters are the greatest indie-rock band in the Americas. Obviously there are plenty of really great bands out there and we don’t want to take anything away from them in terms of credit for their accomplishments, but The Long Winters are simply the greatest for a variety of reasons. First, they feature a rotating line-up of different mustaches and beards which appeal to all indie rock beard-fanciers, plus they rip off the Beach Boys in exactly the right amounts without going over. The Long Winters have “paid their dues.” In fact, their dues are paid all the way up to spring quarter of 2010. Also, The Long Winters know how to flirt in a light and fun way without leading you on, but they’re not afraid of commitment. The Long Winters know which staples to buy in bulk, and which to get fresh from local grocers.


Putting the Days to Bed
When I Pretend to Fall
The Worst You Can Do is Harm