The Locust
usa | Label: Anti Record
Benelux (Promotor) Steven Thomassen

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What did you want, sonic inducer, sheep in wool coats dumpster diving for forever hidden treasure? What did you think, summer cesspool sleeper, English wasn’t a language conceived for business? Allow me, please, to introduce New Erections, the third full-length from the Southern California decade-plus young endeavor, The Locust, as a post-futurist to primitive again strangled tongue-shearer just ’cause the business is lickin’ pretty bad.

Circumstances prohibiting, if the Locust could’ve soundtracked the previous two World War’s they probably would’ve. Time ain’t always on our side. Fortunate for ears and unfortunate for Earth, this procession leader of an album is a hell of a charm with New Erections clocking in at twenty-three minutes proving a potent and primal alarm that sludges along peach hairs before this breaking levy.

Here is New Erections, eleven tracks deep and somehow totally anthemic, throbbing in the void of those past limps crumbled by planes and bleak brains, blanketed by soft skulls with electric socket glory holes for eyes that worship the steel wool pulled over them.

New Erections, a celebratory prost! to the old photos of you, mid-twenties, with friends pissing on GG’s shallow grave now under-exposed by the current you, over-miserable hollow white-collar power-slave.

New Erections, later Saddam, hey Gomorrah…No more goose-stepping around the issue, huh? No more domes stuffed with down tissue, right?

New Erections, find you pill synthetic sweat sympathetic, poker-face vague with Viagra, on your knees praying of drawing that magic card and hard up for hard-ons.

New Erections, mighty kind of your snitching hairy palms to loosen the grips on strangling blood-filled phallic police tips.

New Erections, with the world’s voluptuous vomit crashing in all around, towers a true testament in the inevitable wake of tidal sewage.

C’mon stiffs, we must demolish and level together… in the dead of everything…in the cold-sweat of the night, heat of the freon freedom fight, New Erections is exactly what we wanted.




New Erections
Plague Soundscapes
The Locust