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“What was old is new again”… The old adage is so tired that nobody takes its proper measure: all people hear is the word “old”, when the important one is “new”. Making new things out of old things is an act of alchemy. It’s very complicated. You take rusted lead and transform it into sparkling gold… The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, The Standells, Chocolate Watchband, Billy Childish and other garage heroes; Ennio Morricone, John Barry and 1960’s Italian songs; Can, Neu! and all the Teutonic knights of motoric groove; The Cramps, of course, Nick Cave, Gainsbourg and tonic psych rock: Lionel and Marie from the Limiñanas know them all by heart, they worship them. They drink from that well and, after a good kneading and pounding, they make something else out of it. “We don’t do revivalism”, states Lionel from behind his beard. “In fact, some purists are accusing us of selling out, which is a good sign”.

The proof is in this new Ep – no rest for the wicked of Perpignan – which is blown right open here and there by a few very contemporary guests.

The opener, ‘Istanbul is Sleepy ‘ is a kind of seismic shock of ‘Istanbul is Sleepy’: the Imprimatur of Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre is simply enormous. Lionel talks about this scintillating collaboration: “During the promo for the last album, a journalist read us one of Anton’s tweets saying he’d bought our record, that he loved it and would love to work with us. He wrote to us via Facebook, we couldn’t believe it! Of course, we accepted immediately. He’s a lovely man, very altruistic; he helped us enormously and even hooked us up with our current touring agent. We made a Kinks cover with him, remotely, for a Mojo sampler, and he explained that he didn’t like working from a distance, so we went to see him in Berlin. He has this great home-studio in his apartment filled with all the type of gear we love.”

“Nuit Fantôme”, the second track, with psych rock pads played backwards forming a vaporous song bathed in acoustic arpeggios : an electroshock in talk over.

Then comes Emmanuelles Seigner’s super sexy tornado on the title track; the Limiñanas were already great fans of her album with Ultra Orange.

Finally, the Limiñanas close this EP with “Angels and Devils” a cover from Echo & The Bunnymen. A wisely choice :
During the recording, Anton Newcombe called his sound engineer over, Andrea Wright, a great chick from Liverpool who’s worked with the Pale Fountains, Echo& The Bunnymen and Black Sabbath …” With its furious beat, the fuzz and the abyssal bass, It was an ideal conclusion for this incredible faultless record.

The rock’n’roll epiphany thus continues. It belongs to those who will listen – full blast – to Istanbul is Sleepy and will doubtless feel the urge to plug a guitar into an amp. A valve amp, of course.