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The idea of setting David Bowie’s songs to chamber music arrangements has been in the air ever since Color Bars Experience was created in 2015.

That same year, Color Bars Experience got together with Jason Lyttle, Ken Stringfellow and Troy Von Balthazar for a series of tribute concerts to Elliott Smith. It was an experience that thrilled and moved all those who were lucky enough to attend it, both on stage (from the Printemps de Bourges to the Lieu Unique in Nantes, by way of Clermont- Ferrand and Lille), and on the radio and TV (France Musique and Arte session).

Today is the time to focus on David Bowie’s songs, and more precisely those written between 1967 and 1972, and which witnessed David Jones turning into Ziggy Stardust. For this special occasion, Jean-Christophe Cheneval and Christophe Patrix will sign brand new arrangements for classical instruments, a rendez-vous for David Bowie’s songs to find stages and venues again. Their melodies, interpreted by Miki Berenyi (Lush, Piroshka), Mark Gardener (Ride), Ken Stringfellow (REM, The Posies), will once again guarantee high emotion.