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The Holydrug Couple began in Santiago, Chile in 2008, a little over a half-decade after Ives and Manu met for the first time. The two young friends hadn’t seen each other in a few years when Manu texted Ives to tell him that he bought a drum kit. They started jamming, and a week later, the band was formed. A flurry of songwriting activity followed, culminating in 2011’s Ancient Land EP and 2013’s Noctuary, both of them with American label Sacred Bones where they issued a set of acclaimed albums including 2018’s Hyper Super Mega.

After extensive touring through North America and Europe, the band returned with the limited lathe-cut 7″ single “Everyone Knows All” b/w “Quetzal” in 2014. Moonlust, their sophomore full-length for Sacred Bones, was prefaced by the singles “Dreamy” and “Baby, I’m Going Away.” The album was released in May of 2015.
Consisting of what the band calls an “unreal group of songs for one of the best non-existing movies of all time”, the ambitious Soundtrack for Pantanal (Recorded in 2014 along with Moonlust) was dropped in 2017 with their Chilean based label BYM Records. After being touring for several years in places like North America, Europe, Mexico and Brasil, they got into their home studio in Santiago and comeback with an inspired by their own career, exhaustion from uber capitalism, unrelenting sensory overload and some classic pop records of the ’60s and ’70s. The Holydrug Couple applied their cerebral psych tone to a particularly melodic set of songs on 2018’s Hyper Super Mega.


Hyper Super Mega
Sacred Bones Records(2018)
Sacred Bones Records(2015)
Sacred Bones Records(2013)