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New York City duo TEMPERS, comprised of Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper, specialise in a sleek strain of low-lit poetic synth-pop. Their forthcoming album, ‘New Meaning’ will be released April 1st 2022 via Dais Records. Widely influenced by Fleetwood Mac via Kraftwerk to Joy Division and their individual backgrounds in London and New York, the pair evolved quickly into their singular identity on debut album ‘Services’, including underground dancefloor hit ‘Strange Harvest’. Following their 2017 EP ‘Fundamental Fantasy’ via The Vinyl Factory, Tempers’ interest for the arts led to the 2018 release ‘Junkspace (feat. Rem Koolhaas)’, collaborating with famed architect Rem Koolhaas. 2019’s full length ‘Private Life’ progresses their cinematic aesthetic into a moodier and more introspective landscape.



New Meaning
DAIS records(2022)
Private Life
DAIS records(2019)
JUNKSPACE feat. Rem Koolhaas
aufnahme + wiedergabe(2015)

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