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New York City duo Tempers, comprised of Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper, specialise in a sleek strain of low-lit poetic synth-pop, with hints of house, techno, shoegaze & post-punk.

Widely influenced by Fleetwood Mac via Kraftwerk to Joy Division and their individual backgrounds in London and New York, the pair evolved quickly into their singular identity on debut album ‘Services’, including underground dancefloor hit ‘Strange Harvest’, which led to extensive international touring and sold out shows. Their 2017 EP ‘Fundamental Fantasy’ was released as a result of The Vinyl Factory’s Volcano Extravaganza artist residency on the Aeolian island of Stromboli.

Tempers’ interest for the arts led to the 2018 release ‘Junkspace (feat. Rem Koolhaas)’, collaborating with famed architect Rem Koolhaas through samples of his interview discussing the deconstructed banality and overlooked grace of 20th century shopping mall culture. 2019’s full length ‘Private Life’ progresses their cinematic aesthetic into a moodier and more introspective landscape and features their most popular track to date, ‘Capital Pains’.

The recent ‘New Meaning’ is the sophomore album on Dais Records, including the advance single Unfamiliar and the stunning 3D animated video-art for Sightseeing. The artists’ connection to visual arts reflects also in Chen Wei’s cover photo ‘Lost Hotel’ and Jasmine Golestaneh’s book featuring her album-inspired collages on Old Habits Publishing, released alongside the album.

“Tempers’ moody, hypnotic melodies meld together the values of art, intellectualism and emotion through a deep, intense sound that feels as though it could score a David Lynch film.” – FORBES

“They’re a ticking time bomb at this point, ready to blow up at any minute.” – NOISEY




New Meaning
DAIS records(2022)
Private Life
DAIS records(2019)
JUNKSPACE feat. Rem Koolhaas
aufnahme + wiedergabe(2015)

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