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Europe/UK (Agent) Steven Thomassen

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Cactus - Brugge (be) + Psychonaut
Paard - Den Haag (nl) + Predatory Void
Le Gueulard Plus - Nilvange (fr) + Year Of No Light
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TAKH found its origin back in 2015, when The black heart rebellion invited Annelies Van Dinter as guest musician on the record ‘people when you see the smoke ‘. A common love for doom and gloom, together with the raw approach of music that wrenches the soul, makes them write new music together. Inspired by the likes of Swans, Low or Woven Hand, they challenge themselves to focus on pure intensity, not shunning the experiment and questioning what truly moves them in life. Their self- titled debut album will be released on Consouling Sounds records may 2023.