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After the mesmerizing song ‘Black Video’ got discovered through social media, SX became the new revelation in the Belgian music scene, being highlighted as the next Belgian music export product. On that account, SX appeared on numerous festivals and music venues throughout continental Europe including Rock Werchter (Belgium), Melkweg (Amsterdam), Paradiso (Amsterdam), Silencio (Paris), Casino de Paris (Paris), Astra (Berlin), Magazzini Generali (Milan), Ancienne Belgique (Brussels), Arena (Vienna). During this period they also supported acts like Vampire Weekend, Poliça and Ariel Pink.


Brooklyn band ‘Yeasayer’ embraced SX and took them along their European tour. SX linked this to a stand alone sold out club tour in Belgium and received gold status in the Benelux for their debut album Arche.

Their second album Alphabet was released late 2016. Bolstered by the singles ‘Hurts’ and ‘Shimona’ they performed a series of concerts in Belgium, France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Turkey, … On Alphabet, SX created a rich multilayered biotope around the core of their music: videos, artwork,
garments… As a result of this they were nominated for the second time in the category Best Artwork at the Music Industry Awards (BE) and received the award for Best Video at the Red Bull Elektropedia awards.


Also artists from outside the music field are intrigued by the SX biotope. They joined Hoet & Materialize for the development of a 3D printed eyewear collection: Cabrio SX. In 2018 SX is back with a new rich pop album: Eros
In ancient Greek mythology, Eros is the personification of universal, all-embracing love. It is the power that holds the universe together. And exactly that power SX wanted to capture in their latest album. Eros is love in all its forms: ranging from devotion, giving, the mesmerizing dancing, the attraction that is essential, the sunrise and the enormous power that emanates from it, the threat, the relapse, the seduction, … Eros in all its warmth.