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Sweats, straight from your middle-class basement, brings heavy oestrogen-fueled beats with a spicy sauce of attitude and punk that’s been shrunk in the hottest of liquids.

Born amidst blood, stomach cramps and ones and zero’s, this frenzy of a group found each other amongst all the other turmoil of late 2017. Like their great idols, Team Rocket, (or Totally Spies, Winx Club, Bratz,… Depending on the day of asking) they seek to transcend all dualities of womxnkind and achieve a new world order where the trees are green, the animals are alive, the clits get found and the only binary left is that of coding.

On the side, they also enjoy making tunes, wrapped in whatever electronic flavour of the day. These are preferably experienced with a saucy audience, a fuckton of transpirative dancing and overstimulated body extremities.

In September of 2020, their debut EP emerged out of a long period of messing about pre-quarantine.

‘Rona couldn’t keep them quiet, with two singles “Moist” and “Sluts” being released into the ether with accompanying music video’s earlier that year.

For fans of SHHT, Willy organ, The Knife, Peaches, Marie Davidson & Shygirl.

StuBru – Eppo Janssen for #ikluisterbelgish

“Pissed off, sexy, punky, unvarnished electronic bangers with melody! 1980s New York meets a night at Berghain meets 1990s Riot Grrrl. Peaches isn’t far off either.”

Fuzz Mag

“If Death Grips was a feminist girl band (with one gentlemen), it would be called Sweats. Cheerful, childish, almost ridiculous melodies are mixed with raunchy lyrics and even dirtier basses.”



(self released)(2020)