Swearing At Motorists
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Swearing at Motorists is a two-piece rock and roll band composed of Dave Doughman (guitar, vocals) and Joseph Siwinski (drums). They formed in Dayton, Ohio in the early 1990s. Joseph Siwinski replaced Don Thrasher (formerly of Guided by Voices), who had originally been on drums.

The band has developed the reputation of being one of the most energetic and charismatic American bands around today, both on stage and on record. Dubbed a veritable "two-man Who" by more than one critic, the band brings to mind Twin/Tone-era Replacements and early Elvis Costello for their ability to translate their legendarily venomous and soulful live show to record.

Swearing at Motorists’ songs are characterized by emphatic, crunching tonic chords, emotive vocals, and raw recordings, though with more emphasis on production than many lo-fi acts.
A perfect combination of compact stadium rock sing-alongs and lucid love songs that portray a character at the mercy of his own destiny.
Lyrically, Doughman blends narratives of seemingly mundane everyday occurrences with occasional elements of surrealism or subtle commentary, such as in Calgon, Take Me Away!. Perhaps the best known Swearing at Motorists song, "Flying Pizza", named after a Dayton pizzeria, details an unpleasant encounter with an old acquaintance.

Swearing at Motorists’ concerts are characterized by Doughman’s energetic performances, which involve antics such as tearing the strings out of his guitar mid-song and jumping offstage, as well as comedic anecdotes relayed between, and sometimes within, songs. The band has toured the United States and Europe several times. Almost all of their records have been released by Bloomington, Indiana label Secretly Canadian.



Last Night Becomes This Morning
Secretly Canadian(2006)
This Flag Signals Goodbye
Secretly Canadian(2002)
More Songs From the Mellow Struggle
Secretly Canadian(2000)
Number Seven Uptown
Secretly Canadian(2000)