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Still Corners

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On the 5th of April 2024, Still Corners  released their sixth album “Dream Talk”. Beautifully arranged, elegant and wistful, Dream Talks is a set of ten carefully crafted classic songs. From the autumnal opener ‘Today is the Day’ to the hot summer night finale of ‘Turquoise Moon’, Still Corners have created a sound that is focused, stylish and seductive.

Tessa Murray says, “The genesis for a lot of these songs came from dreams. Every night I would write down the dreams I could remember. While recording I would pull out my book of dreams and sing over various looped phrases Greg had been working on. It was fun and what I thought were sort of ramblings ended up surprising us with their various meanings and imagery.”

Produced by Greg Hughes at the band’s studio in Woodstock, New York, Greg says “We experimented with various things like different mics, amps and effects before committing to anything. Because everything was mixed analog through our new SSL console, there’s a gleam of the sound.


Still Corners is the musical project of Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes. The group formed shortly after Murray met Hughes by chance at a London train stop in 2009. Over the past decade, the band has delivered a steady stream of music that is once reflective, searching and romantic. The band has become known for their shimmering desert noir sound.

Press on the new album

Murray’s voice is a beautiful, dreamy magnet for Hughes’s backdrops, which without losing their twang take all sorts of tangents” – MOJO

Some artists release albums to be listened to. Others to be absorbed. And several create music to bask in. Still Corners covers all those and more.” – AMERICAN SONGWRITER

One of those modern-day music quandaries that remains unanswered is why aren’t Still Corners much bigger than they actually are.” – UNDER THE RADAR



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