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Slaraffenland is Bjørn Heebøll, Christian Taagehøj, Jeppe Skjold, Niklas Antonson and Mike Taagehøj, and were formed in 2002. Most of them childhood friends (and Christian and Mike twins), they’ve spend years developing a sound that conjures everything from melodious addictive building rock and pop to tumbling jazz and noise.

Slaraffenland has released two albums Slaraffenland (2004) and Private Cinema (2007) and three EP’s Jin Katawa (2005), Sunshine (2008) and Meet and Greet (2009).
September 7th/15th 2009 marks the release of the new Slaraffenland album “We’re on Your Side”, released on Rumraket in Scandinavia and Benelux and on Hometapes in the US and Europe . The album is produced with the danish producer Fridolin, who formerly worked with other danish bands like The Fashion and Moi Caprice and actually wrote/produced songs together with P.Diddy.

Slaraffenland is now building their own studio in Copenhagen, where they plan to work and do all their future recordings and experiments.



We're On Your Side
Home Tapes(2009)
Private Cinema
Home Tapes(2007)
Home Tapes(2004)