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New album ‘Toasts & Sentiments’ OUT on Nov 17, 2023 (Avant! Records).

Belgian dark electro duo SKEMER, composed by the world renowned model Kim Peers (PRADA, Vogue, Steve Meisel) and post-metal band Amenra’s guitarist Mathieu Vandekerckhove, is finally back with a new album.

Four years have passed since their debut ‘Benevolence’. Meanwhile SKEMER took the time to let all sides of their personally grow and eventually explode. You remember their minimalist coldwave equally brutal and erotic colliding with the industrial side of electro and techno music. This is even more present on their new full length.

Go down the stairs to the dungeon of the club culture with the first single ‘Overgave’ only to leave wrapped in one pitch black cloak.



Toast & Sentiments
AVANT! Records(2023)
AVANT! Records(2019)