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The Singer/ Songwriter was born in Queensland, Australia but lives in New York.

In 2006 he has received a lot of attention from John Cameron Mitchell’s film SHORTBUS. He wrote the theme song “In the End” in addition to 5 more songs performed in the film by himself and featured on the soundtrack. He has earned high respect among critics and fans alike since his self-titleddebut in 2008.
His previous four solo albums made him stand out from the crowd especially as a songwriter with his highly emotional songs.

In June 2013 he released with the covers-album Unlearned his personal hitparade. In a wide varity of songs he discovered, felt and worked out the emotional core with so much respect, that it becomes obvious, that these cover versions are not foreign songs at all, but in a way his very own, original material. He makes them his own songs. For example what come of the originally quite trivial Pop smash “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston is a wonderful, piano-dominated ballad.

In March 2015 he released his latest and fifth studio album THIS HERE DEFEAT with 10 new Scott Matthew originals. On this new record he writes and sings like no one else about how it is to long for love and feel it slip away. “I’m very, very proud of the album”, Scott says, “and I think I’m most proud about it, because I didn’t think it would happen. The album was recorded in Lisbon, produced by Jürgen Stark, who will accompany him as guitarist on his tour again. Whoever has experienced Scott Matthew live on stage is oddly touched. He strips his heart. He makes his audience to participate. He touches his audience. His emotional investment in song and singing is tangible.

After his successful European Tour in 2015, he will return for some additional concerts with his wonderful musicians Jürgen Stark (guitar) and Sam Taylor (Cello).



Glitterhouse Records(2013)
Gallantry's Favorite Son
There Is An Ocean That Divides And With My Longing I Can Charge It With A Voltage Thats So Violent To Cross It Could Mean Death
Scott Matthew