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Under the name Scarlett O’Hanna, French-Greek singer-songwriter, musician and producer Anna Muchin weaves an indie pop sound that bolsters the versatile mastery of her voice. Her new song “Precious Nothings” is the first single and title track from forthcoming album Precious Nothings, coming out April 26th 2024.

Years have passed since Scarlett O’Hanna’s last record ‘Romance Floats’. Yet, if the new album holds a wider space for her voice and lyrics, the seed for its atmosphere might have been sowed in earlier tracks like “The Jacket” or “Thieves”. Most songs of ‘Precious Nothings’ were composed on synthesiser and electronic drums. O’Hanna fully embracing her keyboard background and multi-instrumentalist practice: “I worked directly from a writing-producing place, spending a lot of time at home searching for the sounds I wanted to hear. I often write from observing situations, feelings. I wanted to lean into a more cinematic approach to song-making. It challenges your comfort zone to think and write multi-instrumentally”.

O’Hanna’s collaborations have included playing as a supporting act for Wilco and Cocorosie, keys and guitar for She Keeps Bees, creating and singing with Nate Kinsella (Birthmark), Peter Silberman (The Antlers) or Sam Genders (Diagrams). She has composed, performed, advised on sound / dramaturgy in the fields of choreography, performance, the cinema, and has toured internationally.



Precious Nothings
Romance Floats
Pop Up Records(2014)

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