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‘I was and continue to be struck by her originality as a singer-songwriter, as well by her obvious dedication to her music, to touring, recording, and creating beautiful videos of some of her songs’ – Nels Cline

Half-French and half-Greek, Anna Muchin aka SCARLETT O’HANNA grew up in Toulouse listening to The Police, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Charles Trenet and Chopin and started the piano at 6.

After a very first EP Wasted?, (WM Recordings), initially a home-recording exercise, she formed Cobson (2004-2011), a Montpellier-based trio. Two releases came out with the project that toured mainly in France.

After 7 years of being a band, she started to write and perform solo as Scarlett O’Hanna and got noticed with minimal and mostly instrumental first EP Cheap Bling Bling. She opened for Scout Niblett, Emily Jane White or Laura Veirs and then records album IMPOSTOR with Rudy Coclet after her moving in Brussels in 2011. Later on WILCO invited her to support them on a leg of their European tour while Cocoheart in Japan released a special edition album featuring both records.

Third album ROMANCE FLOATS featuring songs ‘Thieves’ and ‘Dramamine’ recorded in La Frette was released in 2014 (Cargo / Moorworks). Followed few tour dates along with the band She Keeps Bees in which she also played for few of their EU and US shows.

Next to live performances and her own music, Scarlett O’Hanna has collaborated with artists like Nate Kinsella aka Birthmark, Sam Genders and his project Diagrams or Peter Silberman from The Antlers.

Other contributions took her further to experience writing and composing for dance, fashion and the cinema.

A new record is due early 2018.







Romance Floats
Pop Up Records(2014)