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Songwriter and musician SANDOR develops a very personal musical universe, inspired by the synthetic pop of the 80’s. With her strong and solemn voice, she presents to us with a charming but also disturbing aura strengthened by enigmatic texts.

SANDOR’s works are sweet and sour at the same time. Brutal and tender she passes through.

SANDOR takes her name from Saroltà Vay, Earl of Sandor (1859-1918), a transvestite Hungarian author with indecent manners.

November 2016, SANDOR releases a first single “Rincer à L’Eau” directly spotted by the french magazine Les Inrockuptibles.

The swiss artist directely plays at Les Transmusicales in Rennes (F), followed by many other international festivals as Eurosonic (NL), Le Printemps de Bourges (F), Les Femmes s’en Mêlent (F), Les 3 Elephants (F), MaMA Festival (F), Les Nuits Botaniques (BE), Coup de Coeur Francophone (CA) and swiss ones as Paléo Festival, M4Music, Voix de Fête, OOAM, La Cité, La Batie, Tohu Bohu…

Her title “Bar de Nuit” is playlisted on the french national radio France Inter. All her singles are playisted on the national swiss radios.




Ouragan Records(2019)
Bar de Nuit (EP)
(self released)(2017)