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Though the temptation is there to compare Radial Sequence to an early acid-freak mind like Syd Barret, the songs feel more controllable and easy listening than the spaced-out guitar mirror. They bear a stronger resemblance with Hawkwind-like loop passages with an injection of 90’s Britpop song writing skills, Tame Impala guitar sonicness and Thom Yorke’s ghost floating through the vocals. Full of hypnotic textures that give off a wide depth and melodies that tumble through space, it has its own laws of gravity and is ready to take your car from the ground after a long drive.


Sure, there can be a comparison to countless groups and scenes that seek out the perfect tube amps, worn out microphones and vintage drum kits in order to recreate a golden age of music. Radial Sequence proves far more exciting because, by maximizing the use of the available technology and new music, they tap into the progressive and experimental spirit of psychedelic pop, and not just the sound.


Their upcoming EP is planned to be released soon.