usa | Label: Domino
Europe/UK (Agent) Steven Thomassen

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After 2 decades of launching drums, guitars and pianos through the shifting interzones between harmony and chaos (moonlighting along the way with the likes of Sleater-Kinney, Wild Flag, Elliott Smith, Built to Spill and a long list of others), Quasi are a genre of their own. Once again a two-piece, Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss make songs in the style of Quasi. Mole City,  (out October 1 on Domino Records,) their ninth album,  is the Quasi Song Book: Parlor Sing-alongs for the Last Century. Shakin’ blues, precision freak-outs, air-guitar-worthy riffs, heavy round droplets of time, fuzz everything, wah wahs, ya yas, ooh ahs, grunts, shuffle struts and chiming minor seventh chords – this is rock n roll.