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The Pyramids number Arp Cleveland and Sam Windett, two members of Archie Bronson Outfit who, during the long sessions and subsequent touring for their remarkable second album, Derdang Derdang, felt a craving to crank out some instantaneous, lightning-in-a-bottle rock’n’roll, a dirtier, cheaper, nastier confection than that purveyed by the Archies. Thus, The Pyramids were born.

The songs for their spirited, sulphurous debut were captured on tape by producer Head (PJ Harvey) and were written and recorded over a single week, observing The Pyramids’ hunger for the moment. The takes captured on the album were often the duo’s second or third run through the song in question; ”We wanted to capture that raw, new feeling you get when a band are just getting a feel for the song,” explains Mark, ”that unique unprocessed energy”, “I already had most of the lyrics which worked as a framework for the music.” Moreover, their bitter, chill poetics add another layer of spook to The Pyramids’ chaotic, motorik clank; the words to ‘White Disc Of Sun’ in particular will haunt you hours, days after you’ve first heard them.