Public Psyche
be | Label: Hypertension
Europe/UK (Agent)

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Finally given in to the dark side or not afraid of a bold career move? To the surprise of many, Rape Blossoms have decided to change their name to Public Psyche while finishing the follow-up of ‘Starving Vultures at 7-Eleven’ (2011) and ‘Ruinenlust’ (2014). Recorded in their rehearsal space by the notorious Beyt Al Tapes, the third LP ‘No New Violence’ once again offers six tracks, but not exactly more of the same. A strong emphasis on synthesizers, tape delay, and repetition creates a genuine lo-fi mood that connoisseurs might describe as ‘slurry dub/cesspool punk’. ‘No New Violence’ was released in September 2017 on Hypertension Records. You will find them in da club, bottle full of bub’.


No New Violence
Hypertension Records(2017)

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