Predatory Void

Upcoming shows

Roadburn - Tilburg (nl)
De Zwerver - Leffinge (be)
Les Nuits Botanique @ Orangerie - Brussel (be)
Vooruit - Balzaal - Gent (be) + Wrong Man
Vera - Groningen (nl) + TAKH
Alcatraz Festival - Kortrijk (be)
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When Oathbreaker went on hiatus a couple of years ago, guitarist Lennart Bossu found himself lacking an outlet for some of his musical ideas. That’s why he started Predatory Void with friends of his with a past and/or present in a number of celebrated heavy bands, like Aborted, Carnation, Amenra and Cross Bringer.

Their sonic adventurousness and the diverse vocal delivery from Lina R. make it impossible to pigeonhole the band, but their sound roughly exists in the same realms as other current, left of the dial bands like Thou, Alcest, King Woman and Liturgy, and at times even sets a mood reminiscent of Swans or cult funeral doom band Disembowelment.

Predatory Void’s first full length album offers an unrelenting glimpse into their universe, that’s brimming with unspeakable horrors. It will be out in May 2023.