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Slayron/Peaking Lights/ PLSD DJ sets. Aaron from Peaking Lights has done a weekly radio show as Slayron on Dublab for the last 5 years every Friday from 12-2pm PST called Analogue Players Club which focuses on obscurity’s, disco, house, techno, reggae and psychedelic music and most recently started Dj’ing a monthly show called Rockers Delight on NTS that is all Reggae. He’s DJ’d all over the world playing House, Disco, Techno and other dance music at clubs like A Club Called Rhonda, Plastic People, Salon Des Amateurs, Tradgarden, NRMAL; as well as, Numerous underground parties like Far Away, Perpetual Dawn, Push the Feeling, Body Motion to name a few. His style is eclectic and almost always with a slightly dubby and bassy feeling and locked in groove and most definitely dance oriented. He can also do straight Reggae sets focusing on Roots, Dub, 80’s Digi and Dancehall.