PC Worship
usa | Label: Northern Spy Records

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PC Worship is a band, solo project & collective of musicians, trimming steadily on the outskirts of punk, while enlisting methods of new music and free improvisation. Aesthetically the band is uncommitted and explorative, basing the generalized musical direction on artistic expression and the commitment to creative self fulfillment. “PC” is a catalyst for ambiguity, as the acronym evokes futuristic, nihilistic, political, referential or even religious imagery. Much in the same way, the creative output is perpetuated by the limitless possibilities of musical composition, ranging from repetitive single chord minimalism or basic pop song structures to chaotic, translucent, hell-bent free grunge & entire tracks consisting of only manipulated tape or through composed horn sections. The desire for decisive ambiguity and conceptual freedom work to create a unified aesthetic statement that is very definitively, PC Worship.


PC Worship’s new album, Social Rust, is meant to fulfill a subconscious dedication to the rock format and the avalanche of unconscious influence you absorb throughout your life; from having parents in bar rock bands throughout childhood to doing live sound for thousands of subjectively varied bands in the basement of the legendary NYC venue, Cake Shop; from going to straight edge hardcore shows in suburban strip malls, before you can drive, to recording new music ensembles playing George Crumb or Morton Feldman; from the institutionalized study of music to the existential realizations bred from substance induced discovery. PC Worship is an outlet for seeing the world as an amalgamation of terrifying, endearing and infinitive experiences, all filtered through the way you learn to live and create. Social Rust is the expressive union of a person born in 1985 & raised through the 90s & 00s, invested in heavy music and exposed to obsessive composition, careful sound manipulation, free wheeling guitar solos and an undying investment in the marriage of free improvisation and the cultural importance of the “song”.



Social Rust
Northern Spy Records(2014)
7" Split w/the Super Vacations
Dead Head EP
Dune of Heroin / Godless Love