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usa | Label: Home Tapes

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Last fall our friend Travis came to visit…we hadn’t seen him in years. As usual we started talking about music. He gives me two cds, stating, "This is your favorite new band"…I say, "Pattern Is Movement…who’s that?" He reiterates,"You will love this." Turns out, Travis was right. We pretty much completely wore out those cds. It’s all we could listen to. It was complex, but easy. Ultra palatable, but completely fresh and new. We played their records for others to get a second opinion…could it really be that good? The Hometapes Round Table spoke, and with voices in booming unison we heard, "This rips." We tracked them down, and let it be known that we would be the peanut butter to their jelly. Discussions over what type of bread we would be between were negotiated, and a deal was struck. Classic country white bread it would be. Pattern Is Movement, welcome to Hometapes.

Now for a little bit of the old Q&A with Pattern Is Movement themselves…get ready for third-person fun times…

Where are you from? Does/How does your history define you?
Corey is from Seattle, Andrew is from Philadelphia, and Chris is from New Jersey. When they first started playing together, they were a three piece. Then they added members over the years and were at one point up to five. They are now back to three and are excited about the simplicity of that. It is also forcing them to stretch themselves in their live arranging too.


Where are you now? …and if you’d like to answer: Why?
Pattern is Movement live in Philadelphia. There are so many bands that they love in Philadelphia right now. They think it’s great to be around so much wonderful music.


Why do you do what you do?
At some point the three of them inspired each other and they manage to continue doing that on regular basis.


Tell us about your musical history. What have you made up til now?
Chris and Andrew have been friends since they were 13 years old. They were rappers then but have never lost a love for the energy and cleverness of hip-hop. This definitely comes through on the rock and roll records they make now. Corey comes from a long lineage of symphonic musicians and luckily has chosen to spend some of those genes on Pattern is Movement.


Think about your favorite artists. Think of a question you’d like to collectively ask them. Now, ask yourself that question and write down your answer…
What would you be doing if you weren’t playing music?
Wondering why were so sad.


What are you listening to/reading/watching lately?
Andrew’s been on a Capote binge lately and also watching the British Documentary ‘The Up Series’. Chris has been listening to Man Man, Crystal Skulls, a lot of 90’s hip hop, Beatles Anthology (disc 2 and 3), Deerhoof and Blonde Redhead. He’s also reading ‘IBM and the Holocaust’. Corey has been reading ‘Marvelous Possesions’ by Steven Greenblatt, listening to Fats Waller, Broadcast’s ‘Tender Buttons’ and Ravel’s ‘String Quartet’.


List what matters.
That they wake up.


What’s next?
Pattern is Movement are super excited to be working with Scott Solter (engineered our last record Stowaway as well as records for Spoon, Mountain Goats, Two Gallants, John Vanderslice, etc.) again for their next projects. They adore him as an engineer and a friend. They are also looking forward to getting in the van more often and playing music with each other a whole bunch.


Discuss avant garde/experimental vs. pop.
One of Pattern is Movement’s favorite things as a band to do is to figure out how bands are combining elements of both camps, and then try to combine them themselves. They all have a love for interesting sounds but also share the same love for a catchy hook.



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