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Papercuts is the music of San Francisco/Los Angeles based songwriter and producer Jason Quever, along with various west coast musicians. After a brief hiatus to focus on production for bands such as Dean Wareham and Beach House and Cass Mccombs, Papercuts return with 6th album “Parallel Universe Blues” on Slumberland Records in October 2018. The album was recorded during 2018 at Quever’s recording studio in the arts district of downtown Los Angeles. With a sound that is intimate and close, it nicely balances the sonic concerns of the last few Papercuts records: perfect Spectorian pop songs echoed down through The Velvet Underground, LA’s Paisley Underground, Spiritualized and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Songs like “Laughing Man,” “How To Quit Smoking,” “Sing To Me Candy” and “Clean Living” are all gorgeous, melodic gems, never sacrificing song-writing for atmospherics and bringing to mind late night/rainy day albums like “Darklands” and “Chelsea Girl.” “Parallel Universe Blues” is a triumph and points to more great things in the future from Quever and Papercuts



Fading Parade
Sub Pop(2011)
You Can Have What You Want
Can't Go Back