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Straight out of Louisville, David Christian Pajo is a musician. PAJO is a new name in the world, but Pajo has been involved in much great music over the course of the last two decades. He first played out in the mid-1980s and went on to instant infamy with the group Slint. During the 1990s, Pajo played with King Kong, The Palace Brothers, Stereolab, Royal Trux, The For Carnation, Matmos, Tortoise and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy.

In 1995, Pajo started the M franchise, issuing a single and a split single in short order. As Aer- ial M, he released several singles, a self-titled album and the remix album Post Global Music. As Papa M, he produced Live From a Shark Cage, “Papa M Sings” and “Whatever, Mortal.”

Up until “Papa M Sings,” Pajo’s music had been instrumental, but with this release, he did as the title promised, singing folk- and country-flavored compositions. This approach was combined with his instrumental style for “Whatever, Mortal” and a singles series that fol- lowed.

In 2002, Pajo joined Billy Corgan’s Zwan, with whom he released an album and toured the world for two years. It was during this time that the Papa M singles series represented for Papa M while Pajo’s energy was focused elsewhere. After the demise of Zwan, Pajo played with Early Man and participated in the reunion of Slint, who played All Tomorrow’s Parties and toured Europe and America.

Hole of Burning Alms appeared in 2004 — to date, the last Papa M record. This collected Aerial M and Papa M sides to form another long-playing link in the M chain. Since then, David Pajo has recorded as PAJO. His self- titled first release came in the summer of 2005 — a collection of solo recordings made on the road.

Now comes 1968, the next collection of PAJO songs and sounds. The sound of drums is in the mix this time, along with a widened color spectrum.

Over the past year, PAJO has played live very sparingly, shy of a few dates in New York and a tour of Australia. His shows this summer will be an opportunity for fans and friends to see the PAJO sound enacted live and in person.