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After a 5 year hiatus following the release of their acclaimed sophomore release, ‘Mokragora’ Barcelona based outfit Oso Leone return with alluring, dream-like new single ‘Virtual U,’ touching on soul, funk, R&B and pop. Landing as a precursor to their forthcoming album ‘Gallery Love,’ it was born from very few elements. A beat on the MPC, a few chords on the Korg Trident and some gently lilting vocal jams create the structure, like a digital collage of feelings, as vocalist Xavier describes it:

“I see this song as a hyperobject, an external entity moulding modern relationships, shadowing us. But not specially in a very dark side but taking from us some brightness. An anti-form creating distance in the closeness, a vast empty space between two islands.”

Following their mediative self-titled debut and the captivatingly sparse ‘Mokragora’ The band’s second album ‘Gallery Love’ is set for release on March 11th through R&S sub-label, Apollo Records. A sublime musical experience, ‘Gallery Love’ achieves what it sets out to do and more, taking the listener on an auditory journey with lucid song structures that ebb and flow like the waves. It’s hypnotic repetition is an ode to refinement, and the gentle forays into ambient electronica and jazz show impeccable restraint and sensitivity. It is out on 11th March.