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OESTER is a laboratory for performative arts
OESTER aims to research and challenge the stage as a transdisciplinary playground
OESTER seizes upon timeless narratives to ask recurring questions about cultivated structures
like gender, power and the relationship with Self and the other.
OESTER explores and dismantles the heritage of performative arts (with a focal point on opera)
and its relevance to exist in the now
OESTER is Aïda Gabriëls, Tessa Vannieuwenhuyze & Ylona Supèr

Artistic director Aïda Gabriëls created OESTER together with
Ylona Supèr writer and dramaturg
Tessa Vannieuwehuyze researcher and dramaturg

The Wild Stage

Welcome to The Wild Stage, a symbiotic collision of human energies, a kaleidoscopic sanctuary of encounters.

Inspired by Kurt Weill & Bertolt Brecht’s sin city Mahagonny, oester dives into the human need for escapism. Casper Clausen, Timo Tembuyser, Baroque Orchestration X’s Jon Birdsong and Pieter Theuns, Adriaan de Roover, Matteo Sedda, Rob Hayden and Mustav Ahmeti improvise and experiment with this escapist urge, co-creating a stream of soundscapes and sceneries. The Wild Stage oscillates between pop, baroque and electronic music, between the contemporary and the classical.

The artistic practice of oester aims for a creative density that allows transdisciplinary collaboration, inseparably interweaving choreography, music, bodies and space. All musical compositions, visuals and choreographies are created together with the performers.


Dance of the Seven Veils
At the cost of John the Baptist’s life, Salomé’s dance of the seven veils sent generations of male artists reeling. Oscar Wilde’s femme fatale, which also brought forth Strauss’ shocking opera, caused a lot of stir throughout the ages. In this Dance of the Seven Veils, the incarnation of lust dances its dance, subject to inner struggles inherent to every single lived life.

Director Aïda Gabriëls invites musicians Colin H. Van Eeckhout (CHVE, Amenra), Pieter-Jan Van Assche (Innerwoud) and soprano Astrid Stockman to reconstruct Salomé’s mythic figure.

Within a theatrical total work of art, dancer German Jauregui immerses into ecstati soundscapes while visual artist Rui Barros, manipulates and gets manipulated by his very own incarnated imaginations.