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The story of NOTHING began in 2010 with founder Domenic Palermo and a demo tape recorded in a run down apartment in South Philadelphia. Palermo began mass compiling music, which at the time served solely as a therapeutic outlet for dealing with a turbulent life spawned by the return to society after a lengthy prison sentence for a 2004 Aggravated Assault.

After a surprise appearance of Horror Show, his first musical project and cult followed Philadelphia hardcore band, Palermo distributed the first 100 NOTHING demo cassettes called POSHLOST.

With a full band in tow, the group began spewing songs spoken in a lush angelic language, juxtaposed against the band’s now signature apocalyptic, reverberating wall of shimmering sound while Palermo whispers misanthropic tales of heightened confusion, anxiety, paranoia, depression, and chronic battles with physical pain as a result of an unstable past.

The band would release the 2011 EP Suns And Lovers(Big Love Records),  2012’s Downward Years To Come(A389 Records), and with the help of Philadelphia based label Relapse Records, would weave together three critically acclaimed albums over the course of the next 8 years.

Melancholic tales of imprisonment, broken bonds and lost youth are the centerpiece for their 2014 debut and most emblematic work titled, Guilty Of Everything. NOTHING’s time post-Guilty proved to be an a cathartic calendar year that changed their scope of sound and scale, culminating in the broad strokes of the follow-up LP, Tired of Tomorrow in 2016. With a six year pedigree, NOTHING’s next step was a reflexive meditation in LP form titled Dance On The Blacktop(2018) and like its predecessors, deals much with that of life’s folly and senselessness, but with an almost cynical positivity.

While NOTHING continually tests their boundaries as a band, creating songs that blend genres yet still delivering recognizable melody and allegories their DNA remains as direct and purposeful as Palermo’s initial demos. A score of beautiful fear, smiling at the illogical and boldy walking into the absurd.



Dance On The Blacktop
Tired of tomorrow
Guilty of everything

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