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Niklas Paschburg’s debut dates back to 2016 with the EP Tuur Mang Welten which brought him to the attention of 7K! records. They released three albums so far:  Oceanic in 2018, Svalbard in 2020 and Post-Svalbard in 2021. On Post-Svalbard Niklas collaborates with artists on his songs in remixes and reworks, including Hania Rani, Dovrawa Czocher, Robert Lippok, Ah Kosmos and others.  Born in 1994 in Hamburg, the composer, pianist, producer lived in a tiny village near Nuremberg and then settled in Berlin for the last 4 years.  Niklas has created a particular style for his music. He combines classical (he studied piano and composition) with ambient and pop, creating a sort of ambient pop chill-out which is the real trademark of this artist among the most promising around. Niklas has collaborated with RYX, Asgeir, Nils Hoffman, Gabriel Olaf and other artists of the international pop scene while his writing skills for soundtracks are appreciated almost everywhere, in January the important French film Presque was released, which contains all compositions by the German musician.
Spring 2022 will see the release of two track of his new album planned for autumn 2022.



Tuur Mang Welten
Unpercieved Records(2016)