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Niklas Paschburg is only 25 years old – he was born in Hamburg in 1994 – but he knows how to charm and bewitch with melodies and notes, mesmerising sounds and a cinematic atmosphere, intense crescendi and a pop flavour that moves and fascinates. Following his first EP “Tuur mang Welten”, he released his debut album ‘Oceanic’ with 7K! in February 2018: a moving trip full of both melancholy and energy; twelve instrumental songs between neo-classical, ambient and electronic music, inspired by nature.

Dubbed ‘one of the most beautiful records of 2018’ by NPR’s Bob Boilen, ‘Oceanic’ was recorded in a makeshift studio overlooking the Baltic Sea. Niklas Paschburg wanted the songs to reflect the unique space where they were recorded and the mood of the water outside his window. He achieved this with a mix of upright piano, sampled sounds, a single bass drum and accordion, all processed to sculpt a fluid cadence and hue.

A composer woven from a similar cloth as Nils Frahm, Daniel Wohl and other artists at the intersection of classical and electronic music, his latest single ‘Blooming (In C Minor)’ begins with a Bach prelude before taking the listener on a journey through the sounds that best define Niklas’s unique sonic tapestries. The piano remains the focus but this new direction is more progressive. The seven minute song combines psychedelic and pop influences, expanding the boundaries of classical music and how it’s perceived.

Having lived in a tiny village near Nuremberg, Niklas has finally found a new base in Berlin and is working on his second album to be release in February 2020.

He supported WhoMadeWho on their EU tour and shared the stage with The Orb, Blonde Redhead, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Julia Holter and Baths.




Tuur Mang Welten
Unpercieved Records(2016)